Saturday, 28 December 2013

Flavours of Bexley, Kent

I once visited Morocco and found the food to be awesome and full of flavour. (I say this despite getting really bad food poisoning that needed a course of antibiotics to sort out, but maybe I was just unlucky?) 

Until very recently though, I had not been to a Moroccan restaurant outside of Morocco, but that has been rectified by a visit to Flavours of Morocco in Bexley, Kent.

The first dish I am going to show you is a moussaka. Now I am reasonably sure moussaka is not known as a Moroccan dish, but it was on the menu nonetheless. It was not bad, though I think it needed a bit more potato to balance the cheese topping.

In Morocco, I found that most the tagines had vegetables included, but not at this restaurant. So we decided to order a vegetable tagine to share.

Apparently the chicken tagine tasted a bit like a curry...not necessarily sure if that was the goal.

The lamb, apricot and prune tagine was probably the winner for all-round taste. The meat was soft and well-seasoned - exactly what I would expect.

Houmous and olives.

Closest train station: Bexley