Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Pizza Express' Diavolo Romana Pizza: thin, crispy, tasty, but not very spicy

This is how Pizza Express describes its Romana Pizzas: "Enjoy the flavour of each ingredient on your pizza with our thin and crispy Romana. The Romana, inspired by pizza in Italy, lets the topping be the hero".

Sounds good, doesn't it? So when I headed to a Pizza Express in London for lunch, I ordered the Diavolo Romana Pizza.
Spicy action? Hot spiced beef, pepperoni, red onions, Tabasco, hot green, jalapeno or roquito peppers.
Looking at the list of toppings, I was expecting a fiery experience. This was not the case (my taste buds barely registered any spice) but that doesn't mean it was a bad pizza. I was actually pretty satisfied with both the taste and portion size. The base, as promised, was also very thin and crispy. 

It probably could have done with a few more toppings though. I had completely forgotten my pizza had any onions, for example. And it was perhaps a little too dry, so extra tomato sauce would have been nice.

Get your 25 per cent discount...but check the restaurant beforehand

I love a good deal. Sometimes it feels like eating out at Pizza Express is like buying a sofa at DFS; you rarely pay full price, such are the discounts available.

First I get the e-mail...

Offer in my inbox, received on 10 February 2014. "Restaurant restrictions apply" :-(
Then I check the website...
Offer advertised on the Pizza Express website, retrieved on 11 February 2014.
Unfortunately the branch I visited wasn't participating in this offer on this occasion. But many others are, so check their latest offers page for more details.