Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Sukhothai: excellent Thai restaurant in Hornchurch

Sukhothai is an excellent Thai restaurant in Hornchurch, Essex.  The food is great, the staff are friendly, the restaurant is busy (always a good sign) and the interior has a clean feel. 

Tom Yum soup.  Sorry for the shadow >_< 
There's a good selection of food on the menu.  There are soups, curries, salads, rice, noodles - the usual you'd expect from a Thai restaurant.  But the great thing about +Sukhothai Restaurant is that - from two separate visits - every dish I've tried is excellent.

Moo Ping - grilled pork skewers.

Tiger Cry - grilled beef sirloin (medium) with mint and coriander. 
Thai curries are always popular and a visit to Sukhothai wouldn't be right without trying one.  There are various meat curries available - beef, chicken, duck, pork, prawn - with different degrees of spiciness; this means there's a good chance you'll find the right dish for you.

I believe the restaurant is family-run and I had the same waitress on both of my visits that were five months apart.  Either way, the staff are really friendly and are knowledgeable about their menu and were keen to advise on what to order.  I'll definitely be heading back to Sukhothai next time I'm in the Hornchurch area.

Nearest Tube: Upminster Bridge or Hornchurch