Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Lahore One - great value, tasty food

Lahore One is a great value Pakistani restaurant near Shadwell, London.  It's a relatively low-key restaurant in that it has very simple d├ęcor and exterior - but the food is good, which is the important thing.

Saag meat - Chunks of boneless lamb cooked with spinach, fresh ginger, garlic and spices.
We ordered two main dishes - a saag meat (lamb) and a korahai chicken - and both tasted excellent.  They were accompanied with rice, some naan bread, and kebab on the side. 

Korahai chicken - Hand prepared, boneless diced chicken cooked with fresh garlic, ginger, onions, tomatoes and spices. Garnished with chunks of tomatoes and sprinkled with fresh coriander and ginger.
I really do have to give a shout out to their mogo (yam) chips.  I've never had yam chips before and I am really glad they were ordered - they really were excellent and I thoroughly recommend them.  Yams have quite a distinctive texture and taste, while the deep fried process gave them a satisfying crispiness as you bite into them.

Mogo chips - fried yam with chilli and garlic.

We rounded off the dinner with a half-and-half kheer (rice pudding) and kulfi ice cream.  I didn't massively like the kulfi ice cream, but the rice pudding was really good - a perfect combination of (not too) sweetness and creaminess.

Kheer and kulfi.
A quick note - Lahore One does not serve alcohol.  However they are perfectly happy for you to bring your own, which is fine as there's a Tesco pretty much next to it.

As we were paying the bill, we got a nice surprise as we were presented with a special t-shirt each.  That's certainly a first for me - a bit different but thoroughly welcomed.  My friends have already decided we will wear them the next time we go there...

Nearest DLR: Shadwell

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