Friday, 4 July 2014

Wild mushroom, chicken and bacon risotto

The girlfriend and I decided to save some money and make dinner at home tonight.

We followed a variation of this +BBC Good Food recipe for a wild mushroom, chicken and bacon risotto.

We did however made a few changes, due to personal preference:

  • Added some courgettes.
  • Used jarred mushrooms instead of dried mushroom.
  • Used less butter.
...but it was otherwise more or less the same as the recipe above.

Here's the end result...

I'm not one for presentation but importantly I thought it actually tasted pretty good and it was quite easy to make.

P.S. I got all the ingredients from German supermarket Lidl.  Anyone who knows me knows my favourite supermarket is normally Aldi - it's cheap yet quality.  Today I decided to give Lidl a go and I have to say I thought the Lidl ingredients were at least as good on this occasion.